Working with Mare Vivu to prevent plastic pollution in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Tapeweed: Transplanting to Save It!

Working with the Fondation de la Mer to find a solution to limit the destructive impact on Mediterranean tapeweed of yachts at anchor.

Germany in the ‘Twenties’

Germany / The 1920s / New Objectivity / August Sander: Discover the exhibition with the composite title, mounted by the Centre Pompidou, to grasp the complex period of the Weimar Republic.

‘Microlibraries’ at the heart of territories

To encourage a love of reading, build social bonds and combat inequalities, the Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders) NGO has launched its ‘Microlibraries at the Heart of Territories’ programme.

AMEL and Kunu Antou

The Kunu Antou educational programme, run by the Lebanese NGO AMEL, comes to the aid of 150 vulnerable children in the southern neighbourhoods of Beirut.

one for all!

LA CLOCHE forges social connection through the inclusion programmes it runs for the homeless.

SPEAK, for learning together WITH others!

SPEAK helps migrants and refugees to integrate by learning languages together with others.

kanthari (with a lower case letter!)

kanthari trains and mentors change makers from all around the world and of all ages and backgrounds in Kerala (India), equipping them with the skills they need to set up NGOs and social purpose businesses.


Every year, Solidarité MARATHON DES SABLES gives over 200 children a taste for sport and educates them in sporting values at its sports centre in Ouarzazate (Morocco).


Created in 2012 in Brazzaville by the artist Bill Kouélany, LES ATELIERS SAHM is a contemporary art centre that supports artistic creation in the Congo and works to bring young African artists together.